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Our specialist Palliative Care Unit

Cabrini Prahran Inpatient Unit

The inpatient unit at Prahran provides acute and intensive specialist palliative and end of life care, set in a homelike environment.

This specialist centre is located at 646 High Street in Prahran, and offers 22 well equipped single rooms, each with their own ensuite. Our rooms surround a comfortable communal lounge room and tranquil garden courtyard.


This is a short stay unit with the average length of stay 10-12 days, based on individual patient needs. Our multidisciplinary team will work with you and your family to set goals for your care based on your wishes. Patients admitted for symptom management and discharge planning are assisted with preparation and transition to home.

If home is no longer an option, we assist with preparations for alternative accommodation. We provide end of life care that focuses on comfort and peaceful care, supporting patients and families with physical, emotional and psychological needs.

Admission process

On admission to Cabrini Prahran, you will be assessed by a nurse using a palliative care assessment tool. An initial discussion will take place between the doctor and the nurse to arrange medications.

You will be seen by the doctor within 24 hours of admission. Contact with other treating health professionals is made either before or on admission to ensure coordination of care.

Your general practitioner and treating specialist will be provided with information regarding your admission to the service and are regularly consulted during your inpatient stay.

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What to bring

Information for our new patients and visitors details what to bring for your stay with us and what you can expect during your stay.

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