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Welcome to the Alan, Ada and Eva Selwyn Emergency Department

Our department provides emergency care by experienced medical and nursing staff.

We aim to provide a caring and comprehensive experience for our patients and their families.

The Department is supported by Consultant Specialists who are on call 24 hours per day.

How does the Emergency Department work?

On arrival your personal details will be recorded and the fee structure will be explained by a receptionist.

When will I be seen?

The Triage Nurse will assess you when you arrive. This will usually be within 5 minutes of your arrival. After your initial assessment by the Triage Nurse you will be allocated to a treatment area for further assessment.

Please understand that a patient arriving after you who requires more urgent treatment must be seen first.

Our staff want to assist you and are always aware that the waiting time to see a doctor should be as short as possible. From the moment you enter the Emergency Department, you will be under the observation of our nursing staff. Should your condition change please ensure one of the nursing staff are aware so that you can be reassessed.


It is best for a relative or friend to care for your valuables as the Hospital does not accept any responsibility for their damage or loss.


We understand that patients need the love and support of their family and friends. We encourage your family to be able to visit you during your stay in our care but we do ask you respect other patients’ privacy.

Who will see me?

You will be assessed by Senior Medical and experienced nursing staff.

The Emergency Department also has access to a broad range of medical, surgical and paediatric specialists to whom you may be referred, if required.


Your attendance and records will be confidential, in accordance with current privacy legislation.  Learn more about Privacy at Cabrini.

Can I eat or drink?

You are requested not to eat or drink without first asking the nursing or medical staff. It may affect your readiness for tests, x-rays or other procedures.

What if I require admission to hospital?

If you require admission you may nominate your preference for a Specialist or you can be admitted under the care of the on call Specialist.

You will need to provide your private health details which include the fund name, the table number and membership number. If you have a work related condition, you employer will be contacted to accept financial responsibility.

Review Policy

The Emergency Department encourages you to return should your medical condition worsen. A review consultation by the Emergency Department incurs no out of pocket costs.

Comments or Feedback

We value any feedback on our service. Feel free to inform us of your thoughts or experiences.  Learn more about Compliments, complaints and suggestions at Cabrini.


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Cabrini’s Emergency Department has launched a range of cycling gear and a percentage of the money raised from the sale of the cycling gear will go directly to the Emergency Department for medical equipment, clinical education and research.

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