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Our Research and Medical Scribe Program

Clinical research is a key priority for Cabrini's emergency department

Clinical research is a key priority for Cabrini’s emergency department. Testing what we do and its efficacy is embedded in our culture. We take great pride in our excellent work in this area.

One of our current key areas of research is our medical scribe investigation project, evaluating the potential of medical scribes (also known as doctors’ clerical assistants) in Australia, the first program of its kind outside the USA.

For every seven minutes an emergency department specialist spends with a patient, they spend 53 minutes doing follow up clerical and computer work.

Medical scribes document consultations and treatment plans, freeing up doctors to conduct more patient-facing work.

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If anyone is interested in conducting research with us, whether as a collaborator or trainee, please contact Dr Walker via email: or call 03 9508 1550.