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On admission your nurse will show you the Paediatric Ward and ensure you are comfortable throughout your stay.

Admission process

The admission process is an opportunity to discuss your hospital stay and any special needs you may have while in hospital or after your return home:

  • Patient Services staff will collate documents and personal details
  • Nursing staff will complete a nursing admission form (which will include temperature, pulse, respiration and weight) and complete a checklist
  • If surgery is scheduled, an anaesthetist will examine your child and discuss methods of anaesthesia. This usually takes place either on the ward or in the theatre waiting area

We understand that having a child admitted to hospital for illness or surgery can be a difficult and stressful time for families. While we have streamlined the admission process to the Paediatric Ward, there are sometimes unforseen delays or impediments. At this time we will endeavour to keep you up-to-date with information as it becomes available. 

Day procedures

Children who undergo day surgery are accommodated in our day room. Each child is allocated a comfortable recliner chair, or cot. An electronic tablet is available in each area, as well as a TV. As there is limited space within the day room, we ask that excess baggage and equipment be left at home.

Single rooms

The Paediatric Ward is a 10-bed ward accommodating medical and surgical patients. It has eight single rooms and one shared rooms. Every effort is made to provide patients with single rooms, but it is not always possible as they are allocated on the health needs, or admission date, of our patients.


To ensure their safety, it is hospital policy that all children under the age of three years are transported around the hospital in a cot. If your child prefers a bed, please speak with your nurse and this will be arranged, however cot or bed sides must remain up at all times.

General information

Telephone numbers:
  • Paediatric Ward nurses’ station: 9508 1378
  • Room phone number: Please ask at the nurses’ station
Visiting hours:

The Paediatric Ward does not have set visiting hours. We have quiet time between 1 pm and 3 pm daily and aim to have the children settled for the night by 8 pm.

Ward security

In the interest fo our patient's safety, entrance to the paediatric ward is locked.  Please use the intercom to access the ward.

Bed cameras

All beds within the ward are covered by closed circuit cameras which relay to the nurses’ station only. This is for the safety of our patients and is not a recording device.

Parent/guardian overnight stay

Fold-out bedding and linen will be provided to the parent or guardian staying with their child overnight. The fold-out beds must be put away during the day for accessibility to the patient’s bedside.

Please note it is not hospital policy to allow siblings or partners to stay overnight.


The playroom is for inpatients and their siblings (siblings are to be supervised in the playroom at all times). If your child is infectious, we ask that they do not use the playroom. Instead toys can be brought to them in their room. 

The playroom is equipped with interactive facilities on the wall and floor. It is wheelchair accessible and a range of board games, books and activities are available at any time.

During quiet hour 1pm-3pm the interactive facilitates are switched off. Sensory toolboxes and quiet activities will be available during this time

Hospital café:

The Terrace Café, located on the ground floor, is open from 7 am – 7 pm. A selection of hot and cold food and drinks are available for purchase. Vending machines outside the café are accessible 24 hours a day.

Food monitors

A food monitor will visit your room or speak with you via the phone to arrange patient and parent meals. Menus are available at each bedside. If your child has an allergy or food sensitivity please inform your nurse.


All patients have access to free Wi-Fi while staying in Paediatric Ward. The username is the UR number on your child’s wristband. The password is your child’s surname in capital letters.


Foxtel channels are available on all TVs. Channels include the children’s comedy and movie channel


Cabrini does not accept responsibility for valuables and personal belongings. Where possible please leave valuables at home.

Cabrini’s new high-tech and interactive paediatric ward – complete with infra-red and kinetic sensors to allow our younger patients to interact with games – brings joy and laughter at a time of sickness thanks to the thoughtful gift the late Lindsay G. Quinn left in his Will to Cabrini.