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How we communicate with you

Our multidisciplinary team strives for prompt and collaborative communication

Paediatric Ward communication cloud

We want your experience of the Paediatric Ward to be both positive and enjoyable. Our multidisciplinary team strives for prompt, collaborative communication to ensure we meet our aims of patient safety and family-centred care.

The Paediatric Ward communication cloud comprises:

  • Bedside handover
  • Beside communication whiteboards
  • Care planning
  • Nursing hourly rounding
  • Ward huddles
Bedside handover

On the Paediatric Ward we conduct a handover at the bedside so that parents and children are included and important information is provided to the next nursing shift.

Three handovers are held in a 24-hour period at 7 am, 2 pm and 9.30 pm. At these times, two nurses will enter your room to check the patient’s identification bracelets, safety and any pumps in use. The patient does not need to be awake during these safety checks.

Communication whiteboards and care plans

Regular communication between patients, their families and the multidisciplinary team is important. The communication whiteboard and care plan are updated on a shift-by-shift basis. Patients and parents are encouraged to update the whiteboard in collaboration with their nurse and create achievable goals.

Nursing hourly rounding

Your nurse will aim to visit each hour. They will check if there is anything you require and/or help if anything is needed. If you wish to see a nurse at other times, please do not hesitate to press the nurse call bell on your bedside remote.

Ward huddles

While patients and families are not directly involved in the ward huddle, this is the component of the communication cloud that ensures regular occupational health and safety, patient safety and family concerns are voiced to the multidisciplinary team throughout each shift.

Call bells

Each bed is fitted with a remote control that will allow access to the TV, the light above the bed and the nurse call bell. On admission your nurse will show you how to use the remote. The Paediatric Ward also has a paging system and all nurses carry a pager. Call bells are answered as soon as possible

Doctor rounds

Your doctor will not always be in the hospital but the nursing staff will make contact if required. The doctors usually visit their patients on the ward in the morning, but sometimes they can be delayed by an emergency. Please ask your nurse if you would like your doctor contacted.

Leaving hospital

The hospital discharge time is 10 am. Your nurse will provide you with necessary information and we ask that you finalise all paperwork at the main reception desk before leaving the hospital.