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Celebrating 25 years of research at Cabrini Research

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At Cabrini Research we make positive change in healthcare and patient outcomes every day through research.

Who we are

Cabrini Research was established in 1996. Our skilled and experienced researchers are involved in research spanning many areas of healthcare including cancer, surgery, clinical epidemiology, nursing, urology, allied health, psycho-oncology, intensive care, emergency medicine and palliative care. Our research programs are aligned with the important clinical services Cabrini provides to our community and emerging problems in healthcare worldwide. In 2021 we are celebrating 25 years of discoveries and breakthroughs in research made at Cabrini.

Our research

Our researchers are committed to making a difference in how we deliver healthcare and helping patients live a healthier and fuller life. At Cabrini we make discoveries and breakthroughs that save lives, positively change patient outcomes, improve how we deliver and provide healthcare, provide more treatment options, reduce overtreatment and overdiagnosis, and improve healthcare communication with patients.

Our ultimate goal is to improve healthcare through research in key areas

  • Clinical trials that improve patient outcomes, provide access to new and novel therapies, identify better treatments, improve patient access to healthcare services, find better support mechanisms for patients, and rigorously test procedures and treatments to ensure they are safe and delivering best care
  • Laboratory and clinical research partnerships that will advance oncology precision medicine – the ability to match treatments to patients for best outcomes and reduced side effects
  • Development of clinical databases and registries that capture large amounts of data about patient treatments and outcomes that will help us ensure we provide high quality healthcare, and drive research questions that improve outcomes
  • Engage our community in research that will ultimately assist people to choose and receive the best healthcare advice and treatment, and reduce overtreatment and overdiagnosis
  • Identify how to best support our clinical workforce and make technological advances to deliver the best healthcare

Contact us

Cabrini Research
154 Wattletree Road
Malvern Victoria 3144

P: (03) 9508 3434
F: (03) 9508 3405