We care for all acute emergency conditions (except major trauma) including medical, surgical, obstetric and paediatric cases. We also provide:

  • 24 hour general radiology and CT
  • 24 hour pathology services
  • After hours ultrasound, nuclear medicine, MRI and other investigation services for urgent cases
  • Follow-up phone call program for each patient discharged from the ED
  • Injury clinic with dedicated specialist Sports Physicians
  • Physiotherapy assessment of acute cases
  • Referral to Cabrini specialists

We welcome all patients, whether they are ‘walk in’, referred to us by their GP, or arrive via ambulance. Our wait time to see a doctor is visible both on the Cabrini website and in our waiting area, and is updated every few minutes.

Our follow-up phone call program after each patient is discharged from the ED reflects our dedication to providing high-quality care and enhancing the patient experience.

We have an active emergency specialist training program, accredited by the Australian College for Emergency Medicine. We are also active in Emergency Medicine research, leading in the area of Medical scribes to improve patient outcomes.